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Rooftop Promotions director Daves Guzha believes the recently launched Wene Music Awards would open a colourful chapter in the history of the country’s arts award that has been characterised by flaws and failures.

Rooftop Promotions founded Wene Music Awards that are set for inception in Harare in October this year.

Guzha said he has learnt a lot from his previous involvement with music awards and would, with the assistance of his team, try to seal the loopholes that have lessened the credibility of most local arts awards. A number of local arts awards have perennially courted controversy while others have fallen by the wayside due to lack of foresight.

Wene Music Awards are bound to face challenges similar to the storms that have shaken current and defunct arts awards, but Guzha said they are setting a g foundation for a firm establishment that would honour musicians credibly.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with The Herald Entertainment.

“Wene Music Awards were founded to try and fill a yawning gap in our music industry. Music is the fastest growing sector in our arts industry yet we do not have awards ceremonies that are reflective of this growth.

“We have music awards targeting specific genres and we are looking at bringing something that encompasses various genres. We want to celebrate the growth of our music and inspire our musicians to do more and better,” he said.

Since Zimbabwean music Awards faced challenges after their last edition in 2007, various efforts to bring new concepts in this line or revive ZIMA were fruitless.

Wene Music Awards come in a background of numerous failed attempts to establish all-encompassing music awards for the past seven years. Guzha gave assurance that their awards will definitely take off.

“We started working on Wene in 2012 and we believe we have made enough consultations to have the awards running. We did not just announce that we will have awards without satisfactory groundwork. We have done our homework and we are hoping to bring a new dimension to the way artistes are rewarded for their outstanding achievements.

“We had the idea for a long time but we thought ZIMA would return over the past few years. We did not want to be seen competing with existing awards with a similar concept. After consultations with the National Arts Council, we realised we could come in with our version of music awards.”

Outlining how Wene Music Awards would be different from other arts awards, Guzha said they would cultivate credibility, focus on cultural preservation and give immense value to the awards.

“We will try to do everything in a transparent manner that would ensure credibility. We have already revealed our judges and we will be engaging a team of auditors for some categories that need thorough verification. We will also try to contribute to the preservation of our culture by recognising unrecorded cultural music to be derived from various ethnic groups. We do not believe in giving artistes cash rewards but we are working to ensure that the trophies that the artistes get at the awards have considerable value and can be kept with satisfaction.

“To avoid confusion with sponsorship, we are looking at five big sponsors that would be with us for at least three years so that we will not have to go to the drawing board every year. After five years, we plan to reposition the awards because our bigger plan is to make Wene Music Awards an autonomous entity.”

Guzha said they would make a compilation album of all songs that would have been nominated for various categories in order to have physical historical evidence of music that would be judged the best for each year.

Source : The Herald