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A Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent based in Gweru was on Tuesday fined after being convicted for robbing a soldier whom he also beat-up for relieving himself near the intelligence department’s offices in the city.

Andrew Dumba of Mkoba 9 teamed up with five other CIO spies to beat up Dennis Manyongori, of 5 Brigade Headquarters, before robbing him of

his $300.

Gweru magistrate Tendai Madanhire fined Dumba $300 and also ordered him to pay $300 restitution to Manyongori.

The state’s case was that on November 15 last year at around 6am, Manyongori tried to relieve himself and was spotted by Dumba and his five co-workers.

Manyongori was assaulted by Dumba and his colleagues several times all over the body with a plank and a broom stick.

He was ordered to surrender all the money he had and he gave Dumba $300.

Manyongori was then ordered to leave the offices using a backdoor.

He later reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of Dumba.

Source : New Zimbabwe