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GWERU city council employees have not been paid their September salaries as the cash-strapped local authority struggles to raise revenue.

The workers got their August salaries in November, leaving many struggling to pay their rentals and meet other living obligations.

In interviews, several workers told NewZimbabwe.com that they have been given eviction notices by their landlords due to unpaid rentals.

“On December 1, my landlord gave me an eviction notice after I failed to pay rent. I still owe him in rental arrears for the past four months,” said one worker from Mkoba suburb.

Another worker said her landlord aised her that beginning from next year she should look for alternative accommodation as she was failing to pay rentals, water and electricity bills on time.

At a full council meeting on Tuesday, city finance director, Edgar Mwedzi said council was finding it hard to raise revenue given the country’s macro-economic environment.

He however, said council was committed to meet its salary obligations.

“We are committed to pay our workers but the truth on the ground is that, given the economic situation in the country, just like any sector we have no money,” Mwedzi said.

Since dollarisation in 2009, the municipality has been failing to pay workers on time.

In May this year workers threatened to embark on strike over the late payment of salaries but backtracked following an appeal for patience by mayor Hamutendi Kombayi who said the council was making frantic efforts to raise income.

Source : New Zimbabwe