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GWERU City Council has tendered for prospective agents to distribute its parking discs in a bid to manage manpower costs, newzimbabwe.com has learnt.

Since the introduction of clamping in the city early last year, motorists have been complaining that council workers responsible for selling parking tickets are not visible resulting in unnecessary clamping of vehicles.

“Conscious of the need to manage manpower costs, council proposed to have designated agents to sell parking discs to members of the public,” reads part of minutes of a special council meeting held last week.

“The designated agents shall be authorised to deploy own vendors within the street to sell the parking tickets.”

Town Clerk Daniel Matawu said the agents would buy the parking tickets from council at a discounted rate.

Matawu said the local authority would assist the agents to enforce the parking system through its municipal police.

“An agent will purchase parking discs from City of Gweru for cash at discounted rates and sell the discs to the motoring public,” Matawu said.

“The agent will be given an exclusive road segment (s) where the agent will have the sole monopoly to distribute the discs for a commission.”

The closing date for tender submissions was last Friday the 13th of February.

Source : New Zimbabwe