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SCORES of Gweru City Council workers finally got their September salaries on Friday but immediately demanded aance payments for their October dues, NewZimbabwe.com has established.

The workers were last paid August salaries last month with the municipality being in three months’ pay arrears.

On Friday many workers were seen milling around the local authority premises carrying unprocessed aance salary requests.

“There is nothing I can do my brother but to apply for aance payment, how can I balance my living with a September salary that even took several weeks to be paid,” said one worker who refused to be named.

Workers last week said their relationships with landlords were compromised as they were failing to pay rentals and other bills on time.

Since dollarization in 2009, the municipality has been failing to pay salaries on time.

“I have to pay back a loan I got from the bank because of salary delays so what I got paid today (Friday) is not enough hence my application for aance payment,” another worker said.

Finance director, Edgar Mwedzi told a full council meeting a fortnight ago that council was struggling to raise revenue because of the prevailing macro-economic environment.

The workers will not get bonuses after the city treasury made it clear that it was not able to pay the 13th cheque owing to financial constraints.

“We cannot talk of the 13th cheque when we are struggling to pay workers’ salaries,” said Mwedzi. He added: “We are in three-month salary arrears, so it will not make sense to even think of bonuses given such a situation.”

Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi said he was not in office but indicated that workers were free to apply for aances.

“If the money is there and such applications are approved I see no problem,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe