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GYMNASTICS Zimbabwe vice-president, Chris Muchatuta, has hailed the national team for scooping three gold, 16 silver and 40 bronze medals at the Regional Zone Five Championships in Namibia at the weekend. Privilege Sande won a gold (vault), silver (rings), bronze (floor), bronze (high bar), bronze (P bars), bronze (pommel) and individual bronze overall.

Manu Brazier was also outstanding.

In the women’s section, gymnasts Nyasha Munzvandi and Victoria Munyanduki put up a remarkable show.

Muchatuta said despite the challenges they faced in raising funds, the team did very well.

“The team, despite its initial challenges, did extremely well and came together to do their very best for our great nation,” said Muchatuta.

“The team, across the four disciplines, scooped three gold, 16 silver and 40 bronze.

“In general, the team did extremely well and both the coaches and the association are very happy with the results. However, before the next Region Five (Games), resources must be spent on judge training and taking the potential team to more regional competitions.

“This will allow us to have a voice on the judges table where the scores are decided.”

Source : The Herald