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THREE armed robbers who preyed on service stations targeting fuel attendants around the Harare have been sentenced to a total of 41 years in jail by city magistrate Fadzai Mthombeni.

Anold Chipato, 24, from Masvingo was sentenced to 16 years in jail of which four were suspended on conditions while Shadreck Mudenge, 22, will serve an effective 13 years after four years were also suspended.

Norman Muranzi, 21, from Mutasa village in Honde valley, was sentenced to 8 years but had two suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar crime over a period of five years.

All three were charged with eighteen counts of armed robbery and one count of unlawful possession of fire arms.

The court heard that the three would take valuable assets from complainants, who were mostly fuel attendants, including laptops, cell phones and cash while armed with pistols.

According to the state, they stole a total of $9,600 in an armed robbery spree that started in February 2014 and ended with their arrest April 12 this year.

Prosecutors said on April 8 this year police detectives were told that the three suspects, who had been on the run, were seen drinking beer at a Night club in Mbare.

They were reportedly armed with a pistol and were showing it off to girlfriends. Police proceeded to the night club but found them gone.

But on April 12 the cops pounced after being informed that Chipato had moved to Glen Norah. Surveillance was conducted leading to his arrest.

Chipato then led the detectives to his colleagues who resided in Glen View 1.

When Mudenge discovered that police had surrounded his house he reached for a pistol and fired at the police. He was however subdued and arrested.

A search was conducted and the police found a loaded pistol. Mudenge then led the cops to Muranzi who was also arrested on the same day.

Passing her ruling, Mthombeni said Mudenge and Muranzi were violent and injured the police when they were apprehended.

She however, considered that Mudenge and Muranzi’s background showed they were raised from poor families and did not complete secondary school, something which could have prompted them to rob people.

“A fire arm is a very dangerous weapon and the three of you could have killed people and police officers so the sentence should balance the interests of justice and the society and also you.

“The court also considers the hardship element of the two other accused but you are all young and able bodied. Robbing people at gun point was not a solution,” said the magistrate.

Source : New Zimbabwe