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Harare City Council has been given the green light to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Nondo Power (Pvt) Ltd to build 227 residential units.

According to minutes of Education, Health, Housing and Community Services and Licensing Committee held recently the deal will see housing units being constructed in Malborough, Vainona and DonnybrookMabvuku.

The development will run under a two-year project with the first phase expected to be complete next year.

The DonnybrookMabvuku flats will include 12 flats, 24 housing units and six double-storey units accommodating 108 families.

According to the minutes, a sports’ centre, shopping mall and a day-care centre for residents will also be built.

Vainona site will incorporate 59 housing units, a day care centre, coffee bar and a gymnasium.

The Malborough development will include 10 blocks of triplex flats accommodating 60 families.

Funding of the project will be accessed from Metbank which will give beneficiaries mortgages.

“According to the project proposal by Nondo Power (Pvt ) Ltd, the project funding would be from Metbank which had a letter of comfort( guarantee) to that effect. This would be in the form of mortgage to the beneficiaries,” reads the minutes.

Under the deal, council will provide land for the housing development at an intrinsic land value to be determined by the council.

Nondo Power will meet all necessary costs both on-site and offsite as well as survey.

Harare is expected to deliver 105 935 housing units target given by the government in line with the provisions for housing in the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation.

Under the Zim-Asset economic blueprint, it is envisaged that Government will provide 250 00 housing units to low income earners.

Source : The Herald