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HARARE City Council has neglected over 5 000 cattle on its three farms amid revelations some have either been stolen or strayed. Minutes of the Environmental Management Committee held recently say some of the cattle are starving while others are diseased due to lack of attention. “Under matters for which the chairperson’s consent had been obtained, the committee expressed concern over reports of cattle being stolen, straying and not being looked after properly at the council farms,” reads the minutes.

“It was the committee’s view that some members of the committee work together with the Town Clerk to address the plight of cattle at council farms.”

The committee recommended a tour of the farms – Ingwe, Crowborough and Pension – to assess the situation.

The Environmental Management Committee chairperson councillor Christopher Mbanga yesterday confirmed the sorry state of affairs at the farms.

“Cattle are straying to residential areas and farms nearby. Security fence has been damaged and needs to be repaired urgently.

“Animals have been drinking unclean water, exposing them to diseases,” he said.

“We have also learnt that animals are starving since their grazing pastures were burnt down by unknown people.”

Clr Mbanga said they were taking measures to correct the situation.

“In the meantime, we are going to buy some food to supplement the pastures.

“We have also realised that farm workers need motorbikes for effective monitoring of livestock to take place,” he said.

He urged residents living in nearby farms to assist council look after the livestock.

Source : The Herald