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United Family International Church yesterday received a certificate of appreciation from Harare City Council following a clean-up campaign they embarked on in the city last Sunday.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife Ruth last week joined thousands of church members in a clean-up campaign in Harare, which covered the city’s business area. The clean-up campaign was supported by the Harare City Council, which provided 17 refuse trucks.

The church members were divided into 30 groups comprising hundreds, with each group assigned to a bus termini or streets to sweep and pick up litter.

The certificate was handed over to UFIC Pastor Prime Kufakunesu by City of Harare director of works Engineer Philip Pfukwa during a church service in Harare yesterday.

Pastor Kufa later handed over the certificate to Prophet Makandiwa.

“We were caught by surprise by the prophet last week. We really appreciated what you did last week and that is why as council, we want to say thank you. There is a lot which you did and it sent a g message to the nation,” he said.

Eng Pfukwa said they were facing serious challenges as they sought to address the issue of garbage in and around the city.

“Let’s respect our country and let’s not litter everywhere,” he said.

Pastor Kufa said it was a good thing that the authority had appreciated the work they had done to clean up the city.

“On behalf of Prophet Makandiwa and Prophetess Makandiwa and the whole family, we would like to say thank you for saying thank you. Harare City council have shown that they are different from other people out there.

“There are some people who have been helped by the church and have never come back to say thank you,” he said.

Prophet Makandiwa said everyone had a role to play in making sure that the city was clean by avoiding throwing away litter.

“I want to also thank you for a wonderful opportunity given to us. I was told yesterday (Saturday) that you were going to be here today. I was so happy but at the same time I was not comfortable with my spirit because I never expected to be thanked for doing what is right.

“I believe that we are also responsible for the littering that we see in the city.

“And if you look at our council they have a lot of developmental responsibilities upon them and cleaning up of the city is just a minor section and we have overburdened them by allowing them to do things that we can do ourselves. I wouldn’t want to look as if we are helping them but as citizens we are also helping our- selves.”

Source : The Herald