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The launch of Harare provincial celebrations of Culture Week at Zimbabwe Hall in Highfield on Tuesday was a dull event.

Few people from the Highfield community attended the occasion showing diminutive enthusiasm. It was clear that the event had not been properly marketed in the province and many people in the community did not know what Culture Week is all about.

The Harare situation was a sharp contrast to the national launch of the week in Chinhoyi where thousands of people gathered and various arts personalities joined the exciting festivities of the day.

Many artistes performed at the national launch but the Harare event was pathetic.

However, craft artistes that participated at the provincial launch explored this year’s theme “Celebrating Arts and Culture Entrepreneurship” expertly when they showcased their proficiency through art by selling a galore of artistry such as African attires, beaded bags and crotchets.

Musician Ba Shupi, who was the host expressed his disappointment at the low turnout and attributed the development to poor marketing.

The Culture Week is being celebrated across the country with provinces presenting various cultural events.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment Ba Shupi said it was unfortunate the event was done on a small scale with a low budget.

“I personally believe in our local arts and culture and it has so much potential to grow as an industry but our important people have now turned away from promoting it.

“The Harare Culture week opening started on a dull note because it was on a low budget. This is evidently seen by low attendance from school children and also other artists,” he said.

“The National Arts Council made it seem as if it’s a secret agenda as the event did not receive full media coverage and lacked national aertisement.

“If it was a political rally a lot would have been going on right now dai pane vanhu vazhinji pano but because it’s a cultural event there are few individuals who have attended.

“We did not get full aertisement on media and national platforms which is just a reflection that our communities hardly take us seriously yet on the other side politicians go all out and full buses go to stadiums.”

The provincial cultural week organisers NACZ partnered with the Population Services International and the New Start Centre in order to promote a culture of being tested amongst the youths.

Amongst the officials that graced the culture week opening were Harare City Council director of Corporate Services and Housing, Josephine Ncube and the director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Elvas Mari.

Source : The Herald