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A HARARE man has been sentenced to four years in prison for trying to kill a colleague who turned down his request for a pint of beer.

Sunboy Mutsvairo, 39, was convicted for the brutal attack on one Lloyd Katerere mid-last month.

Harare magistrate, Noel Mupeiwa, sentenced him to an effective three years behind bars, after suspending one year on conditions.

The magistrate said the offence called for a stiff penalty because Mutsvairo’s intention was to kill Katerere who, fortunately, survived.

Prosecutors said on the fateful day, Mutsvairo saw Katerere counting his money in the toilet of a beerhall where they were both drinking.

Mutsvairo later asked Katerere to buy him a beer but the latter refused.

This did not go well with Mutsvairo who became angry and took an empty bottle which he crushed and then stabbed Katerere three times around the neck and once on the back of his left palm.

Mutsvairo then ran away after the attack while Katerere was ferried to a hospital where he was treated and discharged

The case was reported to the police, leading to Mutsvairo’s arrest.

Source : New Zimbabwe