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Harare City has intensified surveillance on cholera following confirmation of 13 cases mainly from Beitbridge, City health director Dr Prosper Chonzi has said. Dr Chonzi said diarrhoeal cases were being treated for free at all council clinics with caution.

“All cases of diarrhoea are being sent for further investigations and we are happy that since the beginning of the outbreak, there has not been any single case of cholera recorded in Harare,” Dr Chonzi said.

He said it was important for the city to continue with surveillance and response efforts towards curbing of cholera because of the nature of the disease, which spreads and kills fast if no medical intervention is sought.

“We know that cases were reported mainly in Beitbridge but it only takes a bus for the disease to be in Harare hence the importance to intensify our response as well,” he said.

Dr Chonzi said the City had enough supplies and trained manpower to react to the first 20 cases should there be any confirmed cases in Harare.

He said all clinics were on high alert.

Dr Chonzi urged residents to continue treating water from any source at the point of use to avoid getting diarrhoeal diseases.

“People should continue treating water with aqua tablets, water guard or boiling it at the point of use. These tablets are readily available at all our facilities,” Dr Chonzi said.

He said the city was managing well cases of other diarrhoeal diseases such as typhoid and common diarrhoea.

He said last week alone the city recorded 26 suspected typhoid cases up from 11 the previous week.

Cases of watery diarrhoea were 434 compared to 361 the previous week.

“The city is not doing bad in terms of other diarrhoeal diseases. We seem to be managing them well,” Dr Chonzi said.

To date, Government has recorded 13 cholera cases in Beitbridge, Mudzi, Chipinge and Chiredzi.

The sources of all the cases have since been traced back to Mozambique, which is battling a worse cholera outbreak.

Zimbabwe experienced its worst outbreak between 2008 and 2009 where up to 4 000 deaths of cholera were reported from different districts of the country.

Source : The Herald