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CONTROVERSIAL Harare Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi has torched another storm by reinstating two city directors who are part of a team of top council personnel forced into retirement by government last month.

Mahachi has since brought Christopher Magwenzi Zvobgo back to the position of Director of Water and Stanley Mungofa in the Health Services Department.

The two were among a team of city directors who were discarded by the struggling local authority which is still trying to trim a huge salary bill that is gobbling service delivery funds.

The retrenchments were also targeted at directors who were above 60 years of age.

Before his retirement, Zvobgo was earning a handsome $36,999 per month.

The move to reinstate the two has infuriated city residents who feel Mahachi was abusing his authority as city boss to nourish his suspicious relationships with his cronies.

Harare Residents Trust Director Precious Shumba, commended government’s decision to reduce the number of high earning city personnel, but blasted Mahachi’s decision to cherry pick who should remain.

Shumba also condemned the manner in which the retrenchments were carried out, something he said has left the metropolitan authority in the hands of less experienced managers.

“… We gly object to the manner of selecting which directors must remain and which ones must go,” Shumba said.

“Using the age issue is shallow because there is valuable experience in some of the directors who are being axed, risking the council remaining with senior managers who lack the necessary clout to take the city forward, and make informed decisions.”

Council sources told Newzimbabwe.com Mahachi decided to bring back his trusted comrades to administer the council’s water account and the Chinese loan which is reportedly mired in allegations of impropriety.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that other city directors who were caught up in the retrenchments have engaged lawyers to challenge their dismissals.

Source : New Zimbabwe