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Harare chamber secretary Mrs Josephine Ncube allegedly ran amok and attempted to hit a councillor with a drinking glass during a business council meeting last week. Mrs Ncube, who is likely to face misconduct charges, was restrained by town clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi. Sources who were in the meeting said Rugare and Lochnivar councillor Peter Moyo quizzed the chamber secretary on progress made on approving development plans on open spaces in Rugare.

The councillor said the open spaces were now hideouts for robbers.

It is alleged that this did not go down well with Mrs Ncube who started hitting the table, destroying glasses and trays in the process.

She allegedly picked up a glass and attempted to throw it at Clr Moyo, but Dr Mahachi restrained her.

“She started accusing councillors of undermining her and making reckless statements about her during a recent Parliamentary hearing,” said a councillor who attended the meeting.

Councillors yesterday said they were taking the matter seriously and were charging Mrs Ncube with misconduct.

“We will charge her with misconduct. The town clerk (Dr Mahachi) is going to make a report which will be deliberated on by council,” said one councillor.

Clr Moyo said Mrs Ncube’s actions were unfortunate given that he was merely making follow-ups on business issues.

“I asked her about the issue of open spaces in my ward which was not a new issue to her after I had raised it on numerous occasions. As you are aware, a girl was last year killed in Rugare and last week a man was murdered.

“There are some individuals who had applied to make use of the open spaces and her office is handling the matter. I wanted her to update me on the issue,” he said.

Clr Moyo said Mrs Ncube became emotional and Dr Mahachi intervened.

“It is up to the town clerk to discipline his people because this incident happened in his presence.

“As councillors we are allowed to ask any council employee any question as long as it is council business and there is no need for emotions when we exercise our right. There is a lot of indiscipline among council employees,” he said.

Mrs Ncube Mrs Ncube disputed the story, saying she never engaged in such a behaviour.

“The story as you narrated to me is the fiction story of the month because nothing of that sort happened,” she said. “Even a mad person can not throw glasses in response to a question. The town clerk has never had any physical contact amounting to more than a hand shake with me in my life, so it’s not true that he was seen holding or restraining me in any manner,” Mrs Ncube said.

Dr Mahachi said, “I cannot comment on that issue.”

Source : The Herald