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A GWERU headmistress and former School Development Committee chairperson’s application for discharge in the matter in which they are accused of defrauding the school of $ 1 295 was on Monday dismissed by a magistrate.

Tariro Matongo, a headmistress at Chikumbiro primary school, and her co-accused Adolph Venancio Jerasi Farai Dube are facing charges of defrauding the school of the money which was meant for water charges.

Provincial magistrate Pathekile Msipa said the two should be put to their defence arguing that the state had managed to prove that they had a case to answer.

Msipa postponed trial to the 5th of March.

Matongo and Dube are alleged to have withdrawn money from the school’s FBC account which they converted to their personal use.

The state alleges that on the 28th of January 2013, Matongo and Dube went to FBC bank and withdrew $1 295 from the school’s account with the intention of settling water bills.

But instead of paying for the bills at the Gweru City Council the two converted the money to their personal use.

The matter came to light after an audit conducted by government.

Matongo and Dube were quizzed on the missing money but failed to account for how it was used leading to their arrest.

Source : New Zimbabwe