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The polar regions are famous for their ‘perennial’ cold weather as typified by their experience of snow, while back home in Africa people have their own testimonies of how biting winters can be owing to its chilling temperatures that can turn the usual smiling faces into frosty layers not only on the outside but deep inside as well.

With June beckoning, and July set to give the killer punch, it is obvious that this year’s winter season would be full of everything considering the issue of climatic change.

While winter is one of those seasons that most people would love to rue, this year’s season has started on a warm note, with May — which in the past augured for what the cold spell holds in store for us — it has been warm in most cases, except for the cold mornings.

Anna Nicole-Marlyne, a practising doctor and a mother of one, said the issues of global warming were taking their toll on seasons, and therefore, this year’s winter season was likely not to be as chilly as it used to be in the past.

“We have been experiencing warm winters in the past but this time around I don’t remember exactly when I dressed for a very cold morning or day. I am not a weather expert but my past and today’s experience of winters have shown that the issues of global warming have had an effect on our seasons.

“For this winter we are yet to come across a real cold day or night,” she said.

She added: “If you look at the way that people are dressing today you can tell how totally different it is from yesteryears.

“Today if you leave your home dressed for a cold day you will struggle with the heat later in the day.

“That alone tells how winter in Zimbabwe has experienced a shift from being a normally cold period in May,” she said.

However, in true meaning of the statement of “retrieving your yesteryear jacket that you would have stowed away in your pillow”, one never knows what the winter season holds in store.

We have come to know how heat is the harbinger of the cold spell, especially during this period.

“What we can expect is a cold winter season if history is anything to go by,” said Tracy Marava of Queensdale. Although she said she won’t be able to spare some cash for grabbing new winter attire for herself and her family owing to school fees that she needs to cover, she, however, said that her winter wardrobe was handy to cover them up in the event of the chilly weather.

“You never know what is going to happen, so it is always aisable for you be always prepared and this does not only include your winter-wear but also your home accessories like blankets and electrical gadgets like heaters,” she said.

This is a pointer towards how people should be prepared for the winter season, which comes with colds, flues and coughs.

What this means is that one also needs to invest in other ancillaries such as health accessories, like remedies handy in the home.

“Cough syrups and a range of other medicines that cure flue and coughs are aisable to keep in the home during this period,” Marava said.

Be stylish this winter

For the fashion-conscious, winter is also a time to prove that they know what to wear when, where and how. With Zimbabwe said to experience only two seasons — summer and winter — it then poses the question of fashion etiquette. There are some people who are confused a lot when it comes to fashion.

Some people are generally affected. Imagine seeing some ladies wearing thick fur boots when the temperatures decrease just a little bit.

However, it is probably a perfect time to prepare for your winter wardrobe including boots and scarves which surely are some of the most essential for the upcoming cooler months.

“And just because it’s cold out there it doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be boring and unflattering. In fact, there are plenty of fabulous fashion inspirations on wearing winter clothes that will have you looking cute and stylish, at the same time warm and cozy all season long,” observed one prominent fashion designer.

There once was a time when gentlemen roamed the land and, no, they didn’t don heinous head-wear.

Somewhere along the way, novelty hats that supplied functionality for facing the extreme weather became an excuse for turning into a walking aertisement for grandma’s knitting circle.

The cottage creations may be warm, but they are far from fashion-friendly. Fortunately, simple solutions exist: Basic ski caps, fedoras, newsboy hats, and bowlers keep heat in and foolishness out.

Winter scarves will be trendy this season and with fashion, we can’t dwell much on that because Zimbabweans now have adapted to the trendy style. What you see on television now, a day later is in stores.

Winterise your Skin

For some people winter changes everything about how their skin looks and feels while for others nothing changes. Some people now escape the cold with nary a sign of dry, itchy, or dull skin because their skin has the ability to retain healthy water levels which keeps the top layers soft and satiny smooth.

If your skin doesn’t act this way on its own, then what you absolutely must use are products containing skin-repairing ingredients that prevent moisture loss and enhance skin’s natural ability to stay smooth, glowing, and soft.

Remember Vaseline petroleum jelly is the mother of all. Locals are much more familiar with that.

In order to win the battle winter weather can wage against your skin, you have to put back into skin what it is missing: antioxidants, skin-repairing ingredients, and cell-communicating ingredients. That requires brilliantly formulated products.

You also must stop doing things that abuse your skin and further destroy its ability to be vital and radiant.

Those bad habits will only make seasonal dryness worse, resulting in dry, flaky, downright uncomfortable skin.

Every day and night, season to season, your skin requires certain basics to defend against any environmental conditions.

Eat to beat the blues

Winter and great health go together like sardines and chocolate ice cream. Or, at least, that’s what many people think.

Apart from all these, it is also aisable to know the kind of food and drinks that you take during winter. Warm drinks are an obvious, and at the top of the list obviously is tea and coffee. Warm or even hot meals are also key.

“A cup of coffee does me good during this season and sometimes I find myself having more than one cup,” said Tendai Kaseke, a nutritionist.

“B vitamins support neurological health many, especially vitamin B3 and folate (or folic acid) help to manufacture neurotransmitters like serotonin. “In terms of immunity, all B vitamins help promote white blood cell production to help fight infections,” said Kaseke.

Nuts, avocados, oats and eggs are all high in B vitamins.

“B12 is important too, but unless it’s a fortified food, it’s only found in meat, dairy, or egg products,” said Miller says. “If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you should consider taking a supplement.”

Source : The Herald