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“… Oh Mhai, ndinopika handikukanganwei . . . mirai nditende Mhai yo . . . ” These lyrics, from one of the anthem songs by dancehall sensation Tocky Vibes aptly capture the importance of mothers in one’s life. Sculptors, too, are known for their artistic expression of the important role that mothers play in life as procreators of mankind.

Artworks like “Mother and Child” say it all in their depiction of mothers taking care of their children.

May 10 is Mothers’ Day and this is the day that some parts of the world come together to celebrate mothers for their role.

Traditionally, religiously and politically mothers occupy a special place in people’s hearts, and that is the reason why in Shona tradition “Kutanda botso” is about the worst affliction that one can call down upon themselves.

This was a practice whereby one would have to go around dressed like a mad person begging for grain to brew beer in order to appease the ancestors after committing the ultimate crime of beating up their own mother. Failure to do that would result in untold calamities befalling the perpetrator and their descendants until the redemption had been sought.

In the Bible, mothers also occupy a central place as evidenced by how God chooses them to be the conduits through which to bring into the world special and important people like Jesus Christ and John the Baptist.

In Zimbabwe, and indeed other parts of the world, mothers are hallowed.

They are nurses, care-givers, breadwinners (yes, breadwinners!), lovers and pillars of support.

Although the likes of the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe, Gillian Jackson – mother to former BBA hosemate Wendall Parson, Mai Rebecca Chisamba, Mai Shingisai Suluma, Tina Knowles, Rita Marley, Connie Ferguson and Oracene Price, a tennis coach and mother to Venus and Serena Williams, among others, instantly come to mind when one talks of replicas of ideal mothers, there are however other hero mothers out there who are good templates to many.

So today we take this chance to celebrate just a few of the unsung hero-mothers in our midst. The list is in no way exhaustive:

Mai Foya

If ever there is one woman who has spread her wings over many it is none other gospel diva Tryphin Tigere-Foya who has accorded many young and upcoming musicians a chance to prove their mettle at her Sepp Records studio based in Hatcliffe.

“Mother” – as artistes fondly refer to her – is a clear testimony to how she has stood out as a mother figure to them and she also goes out of her way to even support some of these artistes in other issues that affect them in their social lives.

Cecilia Phiri (Madam Phiri)

The retired top brass police officer was known as the iron lady of Kadoma. She is this and more as she has managed to raise the most g-willed and hardworking children. She might have hanged her police cap but she remains a principled lady.

Angeline Make

From teacher to head, Make is a living heroine, a headmistress at Lewisam Primary school. While in Epworth at Makomo Primary School, where she exhibited her prowess as one of the best community developers, Make put the school on the map with integrity, high pass rates and infrastructure development. Her hardwork, dedication and love has made her to be recognised as one of the best teachers in Zimbabwe after clinching several awards.

She won the Provincial Model Centre for ECD at the same time with the most prestigious award – Secretary’s Bell. Make’s greatest achievement was when she was tasked to represent teachers in China. She is now a doctor in Philosophy. Last year her school produced a 99 percent Grade Seven pass rate.

Florence Kanyati

Apostle Florence Kanyati is one woman and mother who has made an impact in the lives of many Zimbabweans both as a church leader, author and mother. In 2012, she was voted the Outstanding Woman in Ministry during the Victors’ Night Awards for her role as a mother leading a ministry.

Apostle Kanyati has written more than 20 books which focus on building the family and these include “Marriage manual,” “Winning Relationships”, “Unleashing the Uncommon Woman”, “Prayer Bullets” and “Oh Yes You Can Succeed”, among others. She is also the founder of Zoe Life Changing Ministries and Grace Unlimited Ministries.

This lady has become something of an icon and a buffer of women’s rights. She is also a marriage counsellor and with her Christian background, she has helped in mending many relationships that were on the brink of collapse.

With this year’s commemorations of Mothers’ Day, this woman deserves to be celebrated as a mother for her role in society since she typifies the true mother who derives joy from uniting her family.

Dr Rosewittah Chikohwa

She has helped a number of orphans through her Children’s Home, Glory to Glory in Norton. She is so full of love to orphans and vulnerable children in the society. She is a great counsellor and has helped a number of couples who were struggling in their marriages. We wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and just praying that God will continue protecting her and grant her many more blessed years so that a lot of women will learn a lot from her.

We fully acknowledge that there are many mothers out there who are outstanding each day as the ensure that their children and others in the community always get the best of their efforts.

But the biggest question that some people can ask this Mothers’ Day is: What cheap gift can one buy or give to their mothers? A simple dress, especially with her favourite colours can do the trick.

This can be accompanied by a pair of shoes, a handbag or a wrap. This winter, a blanket can also be ideal. A cake is also a good alternative and this gives you the opportunity to come together as a family and enjoy while celebrating this special woman who mothered you.

This means throwing a small party for her so that she sees that she occupies a special place in your lives. You can even take her to some place of interest where you can spoil her with some fun.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Source : The Herald