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A feature film based on true life stories of people living with HIV and Aids titled “Tariro” is due for release next month.

Written by Moderate Kasvosve, the film is likely to address pertinent issues about the disease.The film which has an urban setting shows the depth of Kasvosve’s story telling skills as everything fall into place from the start to finish.

The storyline is about love, deceit, greedy, friendship and betrayal all bundled into one.

It is about the story of a beautiful 17-year-old girl named Tariro who is a school drop-out. After the death of her parents, Tariro moves in with her sister Chantel, a single mother.

Apparently, Chantel preys on married men for material gains.

But in a bizarre case, Kundi dated both Chantel and her young sister Tariro.

Forgetting the old saying which states that: “All that glitters is not gold,” life is sweet as honey for Tariro but at the end there was a “prize” to pay. Tariro became a serial dater and slept with every-man that she met.

All in all, the film which is also available online is pregnant with aice to the youths against multiple partners and dangers of HIV mostly in young people.

Source : The Herald