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AT least 81 people have died so far in road accidents since the start of the festive season, representing an eight percent increase compared to the 2013 records, police have said.

In a statement Sunday, national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said for the past two weeks, 81 people died in road accidents up from 75 recorded last year.

Police blamed bad driving and miscalculated overtaking among other human errors for the carnages.

“As police, we have recorded 1,012 road accidents since December 15 against 822 witnessed in 2014 and this has resulted in 589 people being injured and 81 deaths,” said Nyathi.

According to police statistics, most of the accidents occured in Masvingo province because of the volume of traffic coming into the country from neighbouring South Africa.

The number of accidents recorded this festive season represented a 23 percent raise compared to 2013.

Police have doled out about 100,000 traffic tickets for a number of road related offences. Calculated at an average $10 per ticket, the ZRP could have raised about $9 million from the tickets over the festive season.

Source : New Zimbabwe