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All good things come to an end. The April holiday is fun-filled with entertainment and sports such as the Harare International Festival of Arts and the Dairibord Rugby Festival.

Many teens were seen not only taking part but attending such festivals and some of them said they had enjoyed the much improved shows.

“I have been to Hifa for more than four years and the Simba Youth Zone is my major place to be. The festival has greatly improved in terms of logistics maybe since it is theme-based. The only problem comes with the performances and some of the programmes are not catering for us. We are in the 21st century and I expect and believe adults by now know what we want. I think the directors should also engage us in their platform so we share our feelings and ideas,” said Tatenda (16) from Haig Park.

She said she was happy how art is much appreciated but there was not much to do with culture.

“We should not only embrace other people’s culture. Charity begins at home. Won’t it be nice having more of our cultural heritage on display,” she said.

Terrence Nkomo aged 19 said Hifa brings people close together.

“I have met a friend during the three days that I have been going to the festival. I enjoyed most of the performances and it is such like a second home for many,” he said.

Those who attended the rugby festival said it was fruitful.

“We thank the organisers for a job well done. This year was better and teens now know and understand how to ‘articulate’ the festival. We haven’t seen reports on drug abuse and sexual abuse. We love fashion and girls have been doing it well. I think SWAG is now changing and is a bit more decent and colourful,” said Nancy Makomborero (15) of Mbare, who had come to support the Mbare High School girl’s team.

However, it is just two days away before the schools open for the second term.

As you get ready to say goodbye to the lazy days of the April holiday, it’s time to turn your attention to the new term.

The second term has being regarded a term for second chance to those who would have failed to understand the syllabus well at the beginning of the year.

Since it’s a new term, change may be good, but it’s not necessarily easy. Switching from the laid-back fun in the sun of holiday to rules, homework, and routines can be a big jump.

But with a little preparation and the right attitude, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

It’s normal for you to have a little excitement and anxiety about going back to school.

After all, they’re getting themselves ready for a lot of newness: a teacher, classmates, tasks, and challenges.

We hope you are ready and next week CLS will feature back to school pictures and a story by anyone from you with the topic: ‘Why I love second term.’ Please submit your story to The Herald House before Wednesday next week with all your details and a picture of yourself in school uniform.

The best essay will be featured and will also receive a prize courtesy of Jungle Oats.

We say Happy New Term and Goodbye April holiday.

Source : The Herald