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MDC Renewal Team chairperson Sipepa Nkomo has allayed fears the recent resignation of the group’s interim leader Sekai Holland could be a sign of turbulent times besetting the MDC-T breakaway faction.

“What is critical to us is the institution the institution is solid and we simply must just wish her well where she is going,” Sipepa Nkomo told NewZimbabwe.com

“But you cannot say when one person has resigned, then there is a loss to the organisation there is no loss.

“Normally when a soldier falls another soldier will take up the button and run with it.”

Holland is among several so-called MDC-T dissidents who dumped party leader Morgan Tsvangirai a year ago citing the ex-premier’s controversial leadership.

She last week brew another shocker by abandoning a group which has claimed to be a better alternative to the mainstream MDC.

The former national healing co-minister told the media she had to take the tough decision of leaving her comrades to concentrate on her peace building initiatives, a scheme she ran parallel to her lengthy political career.

There was however wide speculation Holland was frustrated by the loss of her senatorial seat after she was expelled along with 20 MDC Renewal MPs earlier this year for ditching their parent party.

This, it is further said, was worsened by the apparent failure by the group to gain traction in a tough political arena.

Earlier reports suggested the veteran politician took the decision to pack her bags in frustration over an alleged tug-of-war for leadership of the beleaguered group between de facto leader Biti and Mangoma.

With the dust over Holland’s departure yet to settle, Nkomo on Monday denied all was not well with the MDC-T breakaway group.

“It is clear that Mrs Holland had another project that she was doing and that project was a peace building exercise with the Midlands State University and the time had come for her to actually do the job full time,” Nkomo said.

Nkomo further denied the alleged rift between Biti and Mangoma.

“There is no contestation between Biti and Mangoma and if it is between Biti and Mangoma, why would she then resign over that?”

The much-hyped merger between the MDC Renewal group and another MDC breakaway faction led by Professor Welshman Ncube is reportedly on the rocks with indications both parties are developing cold feet on further pursuing the ambitious move.

With reports of Biti jumping ship to lend his energies on an American think-tank yet to be fully quashed and Holland’s departure, MDC Renewal critics now see a party on the brink of collapse.

But Nkomo further denies this.

“When we started the Renewal project, we actually told each other and we all agreed that we are building an institution and an institution is bigger than individuals,” said the former Water Resources minister.

“Anyone in the Renewal is free to step aside and so Mrs Holland took that opportunity to do that.”

Source : New Zimbabwe