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Trauma Centre Borrowdale has invested $650 000 to expand its medical services in a move set to enhance healthcare delivery to clients, the owner says.

Dr Vivek Solanki told The Herald this week that the private hospital would soon introduce new healthcare facilities that include an audiology department, a pharmacy and an aviation department.

He said a total of $500 000 was spent in setting up the audiology department which would offer hearing tests to newborn babies, $50 000 on aviation medical department and, $100 000 on the pharmacy.

The aviation medical department will offer special examinations for clients in the aviation industry when it opens in six weeks’ time, said Dr Solanki.

“A pharmacy will be open soon as we are currently waiting for approval because it is a process that is subject to regulations.”

The centre opened last October and Dr Solanki said hopes were high that the institution will soon expand to a full hospital facility with 50 beds and full radiology services.

“Once the expansion is complete, we shall restart our care for the needy and cancer patients for the Musha Mukadzi Trust and continue from where we left off when we were evicted from Old Trauma Hospital in Avondale.

“We have also built a special room for VIP patients with separate discrete entrance as well.

“We have numerous patients that attend our facility from Zambia, Malawi Mozambique and some as far away as Denmark.

“The Danish patients come for their annual medical check-ups to us, have a safari and visit our natural wonders and fly back,” he said.

“We want to offer all services here and create more employment,” he said.

“We expect to generate 30 more jobs when all the wings are fully operational.”

Staff at the centre, Dr Solanki further said, would receive specialist training from a University of the Witwatersrand trauma surgeon.

“We want our health professionals at Trauma Centre Borrowdale to be up to date with the latest medical skills,” he said.

Dr Solanki said plans were also afoot to expand emergency rooms to cater for cancer treatment at the centre.

Dr Solanki said a separate Aviation Medicine Department has been set up as he is the official CAAZ medical assessor.

Source : The Herald