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The beauty in menswear is in the details. It is a matter of finding what works for you and maximising it by focusing on unique features of charm. However, this could be a double-edged sword since this also means that everything that makes up a man’s ensemble should be carefully considered. With this in mind, fragrance plays a key role in men’s fashion. In fact, it is the thing that ties a sartorial look together, and gives added character.

There are many fragrances out there from the luxury designer brands to simple deodorants, which, given the unique essence of fragrance to an individual, can be appropriate to varying degrees in their creativity, originality and quality all things to consider with fragrance. Regardless of the price tag, fragrance is a luxury that is also a necessity, so whether you want to splurge or just maintain simple hygiene, you want to make sure that you can maximise use.

Firstly, it is wise to consider how a fragrance wardrobe is built up to include fragrances suitable to different times of day, occasions, or even to one’s mood from one day to the next. After all, like fashion, fragrance is largely contextual: in the same way you would not rock up to a black tie event wearing jeans and a t-shirt, you would also avoid sporting a heavy, woody scent instead of a clean, fresh spray for the gym.

Of course there are many possible occasions and fragrances that one can consider, but to keep it simple, I will break them down into holiday, work, day and night, as well as a few timeless options. When buying holiday fragrances think summer, heat, and active, which is the overarching season for us. Hot weather limits the lifespan of fragrances but also intensifies them so avoid heavy, musky, woody scents, which become overpowering in the heat. A light, citrusy, fruity or spicy scent is better with the thermometer rises, as are fresh aquatic scents that give a cool aura.

Our nights also tend to be warm, but it’s nice to spritz on a new scent for evening after washing the day away. Usually evenings are spent socializing so you add a touch of polish to an ensemble for more impact. This can be translated into fragrances that are heavier and last longer. This is the right time to wear scents with notes like vanilla and musk, as well as vetiver and amber, which have lasting staying power. Paco Rabanne’s 1 million is one of the most successful men’s fragrances in recent years with its spicy, woody, leathery combination. Lifted by rose, musk and amber, it creates a powerful impact. This type of scent works well for winter days but opt for the lighter vanilla and musk notes, and keep the heavier notes, which are appropriate for chilly nights.

Generally when it comes to work-wear, it is important to consider the context. You certainly can add stylish touches to your business attire nowadays as long as it does not go overboard. This is the same thinking when choosing the fragrance you wear for work. Big, ballsy numbers like the aforementioned 1 million or Thierry Mugler’s A*Men are not appropriate in an office environment. Instead, go for clean-smelling citrus scents, barely-there fragrances and herbaceous colognes that will leave you smelling great but will not bother anyone in close vicinity.

When it comes to unwinding at the gym, just as active wear is created to enhance your performance, sports fragrances can invigorate you while you work up a sweat, and give that oft-needed boost of energy. Often, sporty fragrances are updated versions of existing fragrances with an added sense of energy, vitality and freshness that gives them an outdoorsy, “sporty” vibe. This is done with the addition of spicy, peppery or citrus notes to the existing formula to give the fragrance zing. This is great if you have a go-to fragrance and want to stay within the same family.

Look for a fragrance that combines fresh aquatic notes, zingy citrus and spice, or a blend of citrus, herbaceous and woody notes is also great for the gym. For a less cluttered fragrance wardrobe, I think it’s quite appropriate to trade this type of fragrance for day or holiday, although sporty scents can be heavier than the average day scent.

Men always appreciate the seasonless versatility found in wardrobe basics like a white dress shirt, beige chinos, or sturdy brogues. In the same way, classic fragrances are worth investing in too. These scents have survived the fads and fashions and remain popular for one simple reason: they smell great! Aramis Classic is a sure-fire bet, which, since its launch in the mid-sixties, has remained popular for its intensely spicy, woody and leathery take on authentic masculinity. Antiperspirant deodorants are also a good way to vary your scent selection without breaking the bank. Gillette, Dove Men, Old Spice and Brut are still favourite go-to brands for most men looking for a simple but clean option. I suggest making a little extra effort for night though.

All that matters is that you smell spot on.


Source : The Herald