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A Harare man is now jobless after his wife alerted his employer that he was stealing from the company, the Civil Court heard on Tuesday.

Prosper Makuvaza claimed he divorced Priscilla Chinhamo soon after losing his job.

Chinhamo dragged Makuvaza to court claiming $140 maintenance for the upkeep of their two minor children.

“She is claiming maintenance from me yet she is the one who made false allegations against me to my boss and got me sacked from my job,” he said.

Makuvaza offered to pay $20 a month towards the upkeep of the children, saying he was unemployed.

“I am not employed and I cannot raise the $140. At least $20 is a reasonable figure in my current situation,” he said.

Makuvaza told the magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira that he was surviving on part-time jobs.

Chinhamo had submitted that Makuvaza was employed at Brake amp Clutch where he was earning a substantial amount of money.

“He is not contributing anything towards the upkeep of our children yet he is employed. I want him to at least pay $140 per month for our children’s upkeep,” she said.

Chinhamo said she was suffering alone with the children Ms Kamangira deferred the matter to May 20.

She aised Chinhamo to obtain proof from Makuvaza’s employers that he was still in their employ.

Source : The Herald