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A CHIPINGE man from Chidamoyo Village under Chief Garahwa drank poison in front of his eight year old son after he suspected that his wife was having an extra marital affair.

Deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda, confirmed that Philemon Khumbula, 42, committed suicide in front of his son by taking poison.

Khumbula suspected that his wife Janet Khumbula was involved in an affair with another man and on May 20 he confronted his wife to explain herself.

It is reported that Khumbula and Janet exchanged harsh words and the situation degenerated into a chaos. Janet left in a huff leaving Khumbula and his son at their homestead.

Failing to stomach this embarrassment, Khumbula took a cotton pesticide and drank it in front of his son who later ran to alert his mother after his father’s condition started to deteriorate.

When Janet arrived they tried to assist him but Khumbula died on his way to clinic.

“We encourage people to seek counseling whenever they face any challenges. Committing suicide is not solution to the challenges of life,” said Chananda.

Source : New Zimbabwe