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A woman yesterday told a Harare magistrate that her husband took half their matrimonial property to his girlfriend’s house after accusing her of not performing well in bed. Tendai Shereni said Justice Chivasa returned home two months later — minus a lot of the property. This emerged at the Harare Magistrates’ Civil Courts where Shereni was seeking a protection order against Chivasa.

“On December 11, 2013 I woke up to an empty house after he had taken half of our matrimonial property to his girlfriend’s house.

From that day he did not return home only to come back after a month with only half of the property which he had looted. He is in the habit of insulting me saying I am not good in bed compared to his girlfriend who is smart and a good cook,” she said.

Shereni said on March 15, Chivasa again took some property to his girlfriend’s house in Glen View 7.

“I want the court to bar him from looting our matrimonial property and giving it to his girlfriend. I also want the court to order him to return all the missing property that he took to his girlfriend’s house which included a motor vehicle, generator, decoder and a television,” she said.

Chivasa refuted the allegations saying the car actually belonged to his sister.

“I am not staying with any girlfriend as she is alleging but I am staying with my young brother and his wife in Warren Park because she and her grandmother chased me out of their house where we used to stay together,” he said.

Magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi deferred the matter to today for continuation.

Source : The Herald