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A woman last week told a Harare magistrate that her husband is in the habit of destroying household goods each time they quarrel.

Juliet Chiname claimed that her husband Thomas Mapuranga was violent.She was granted a protection order at the Harare civil court. “He is very violent and he once poured water in my car’s fuel tank,” she said.

“Each time we have a misunderstanding he follows me to my workplace and insults me calling me a prostitute in front of my workmates.

“He destroyed three of my mobile phones after suspecting me of having an extra-marital affair.” Mapuranga refuted the allegations. “We are always quarrelling because she receives obscene text messages from her boyfriends in my presence, a clear indication that she no longer respects me,” he said.

Magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi granted the protection order in favour of Chiname, barring Mapuranga from visiting her work place and verbally abusing her.

Source : The Herald