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A pregnant woman revealed in court last week that her husband was in the habit of kicking her stomach whenever they had a misunderstanding. Lydia Zanhi told a Harare Civil Court magistrate that her husband, Simbarashe Savi, locked up all her clothes and blankets in cabinets and took the keys with him to his girlfriend’s house.

Zanhi was seeking a protection order against Savi whom she was accusing of verbally, financially and physically abusing her.

“I am pregnant but my husband has the guts to kick my stomach each time we have a misunderstanding,” she said.

Zanhi told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Savi locked up food in the kitchen unit and took the keys with him to his girlfriend’s house where he spends weeks.

“He is heartless. At times he doesn’t give me money to buy food and if I go for part-time jobs he comes and takes my money by force,” said Zanhi.

She pleaded with Mr Nyatsanza to grant her application saying she had endured a lot of suffering at Savi’s hands.

Savi denied the allegations levelled against him by Zanhi and accused her of being lazy.

“Yes, I lock the blankets in the cabinet because she refuses to wash them and I end up doing the task myself,” he said.

Mr Nyatsanza granted the order in Zanhi’s favour, which barred Savi from physically, financially or verbally abusing her.

He also ordered the couple to go home and learn to solve their disputes amicably.

Source : The Herald