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A HARARE woman yesterday left the court in stitches when she kissed her mobile phone twice while demonstrating how her husband kisses it before answering calls from his girlfriend.

Gladys Matiza said her husband, Ephraim Nyamutumbu, receives calls from his girlfriend during the night in her presence.

This was revealed at the Harare Civil Court where Nyamutumbu was seeking a protection order against Matiza whom she said was in the habit of verbally abusing him using obscene language.

“She is in the habit of calling me son of a prostitute and scolding me with obscene language whenever we are in bed.

“She threatened me that she was going to kill me and now I am living in fear of losing my life. She calls me a wizard just because I once visited a traditional healer who healed my legs that were swollen.

“I don’t know why she abuses me like that since I have no child with her. I want her evicted out of my house,” he said.

Matiza refuted the claims saying her life has been difficult since the day her husband started dating his girlfriend.

“I don’t insult him as he is alleging. We are always quarrelling because of his girlfriend who always calls him during the night.

“To make matters worse he kisses his phone first before speaking to his girlfriend in my presence,” she said.

Magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi granted the protection order but said she could not evict Matiza from their matrimonial home since the two were married.

Source : The Herald