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An Air Force of Zimbabwe senior official is in the habit of threatening to shoot her husband with her service pistol over marital problems, the Harare Civil Court heard last week.

Sphiwe Nyakabau, a flight lieutenant, was brought before magistrate Ms Babra Masinire by her husband Morgan, who was seeking a protection order.

Through his lawyer Mr Lissen Zinyengere of Zinyengere Rupapa Legal Practitioners, Morgan, a medical doctor, claimed Sphiwe was disturbing his peace with her violent behaviour.

Morgan said he suffered several threats of violence, including assault and verbal abuse, at the hands of Sphiwe.

“The applicant is now sleeping in a separate bedroom with the respondent because of fear of losing his life since the respondent is very violent,” said Mr Zinyengere.

“The respondent has made death threats to the applicant using her service pistol and she is in the habit of physically and verbally abusing him.”

Mr Zinyengere pleaded with the court to bar Sphiwe from abusing Morgan and to stop stalking him.

He said Sphiwe should be barred from visiting Morgan’s surgery.

Sphiwe, through her lawyer, denied the allegations.

“The respondent is not in any way abusing the applicant as he alleged because the applicant has been the problem in the house,” said the lawyer.

The lawyer said Morgan’s decision to move out of their matrimonial bedroom did not mean that his wife was abusing him.

“The applicant is not telling the truth to the court, he is just making false allegations,” said lawyer, indicating that Sphiwe did not keep a service pistol.

Ms Masinire granted Morgan the protection order.

Meanwhile, our Chitungwiza correspondent reports that in another domestic dispute, a Seke woman got a thorough hiding after she slipped a used condom on a her husband’s manhood to stop him from peeing on their bed.

Forget Chakwenya (26) was severely assaulted by Nyasha Mhizha (29) who woke up the next morning to discover the condom on his privates.

Chakwenya had picked up the condom in the compound in which they lived.

The court heard that Chakwenya was at home alone on July 22 this year when Mhizha went to the beerhall where he had one too many.

When he returned home drunk, Mhizha fell flat on the bed. Chakwenya then put on a used a condom on his manhood.

When the couple woke up the following morning at around 6am, Mhizha was surprised to see a used condom on him.

He accosted his wife demanding an explanation on who had used the condom.

Chakwenya explained to him that it was her idea to stop him from urinating on their matrimonial bed.

This did not go down well with Mhizha who grabbed a belt and assaulted her.

Chakwenya decided to save herself from the beating by reporting the matter to the police leading to Mhizha’s arrest.

Mhizha appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Lazarus Murendo facing assault charges.

However, the matter was withdrawn before plea at the request of the wife.

Mr Norman Koropi prosecuted.

Source : The Herald