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A HARARE man told the Civil Court last Friday that his second wife was cheating on him because he had a small manhood as he sought an eviction order. Shakemore Tembo claimed Snodia Nyamayaro was in the habit of sleeping with other men at shebeens. Tembo also accused Nyamayaro of breaching his peace. “She told me in my face that my manhood was too small to satisfy her in bed after I had asked her why she was having extramarital affairs,” he said.

Tembo told magistrate Mr Tendai Kasinahama that he no longer loved Nyamayaro and wants her evicted from his house.

Tembo claimed Nyamayaro was having adulterous relationships with drunkards she hangs around with at shebeens.

“I am willing to separate with her, and as for the property she is free to take whatever she wants, but I do not want to see her at my house anymore,” he said.

Nyamayaro denied the allegations.

“He is just fabricating stories to please this honourable court to grant him his application only because I am not doing anything bad to him,” she said. Mr Kasinahama dismissed Tembo’s application.

Source : The Herald