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A PROMINENT Harare lawyer has dumped the rape accused Abundant Life Global Ministries pastor who is charged with sexually abusing a congregant claiming his sperm would cleanse demons planted in her womb by her husband.

The attorney, Charles Chinyama, renounced agency Monday claiming that he was not furnished with reasons for the ruling rejecting his application for discharge when the state closed its case against the pastor, Danmore Magorimbo, last week.

Magorimbo is facing charges of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault. He however, denies the charges, arguing that the complainant, whose name has been withheld, consented to having sex with him.

His lawyer Chinyama told the court Monday that he did understand anything that was said by the magistrate when rejecting the discharge application and wanted the matter to be postponed.

The lawyer failed to turn up for last Friday’s hearing, sending his subordinate instead.

Prosecutor Michael Reza objected to the postponement bid saying the subordinate did not indicate, at any time during the ruling or after, that he was having difficulties understanding the proceedings.

Chinyama then shuffled to the witnesses’ gallery, saying he was no longer able to represent the pastor.

A visibly shaken Magorimbo, who was supposed to give evidence as the first defence witness, then refused to speak under oath and chose to remain silent.

Prosecutor Reza then told the court that the pastor had nothing to say in his defence.

The state attorney then charged: “You are a bishop who got to know secrets of your congregate who you raped.

“She confided in you because she regarded you as a spiritual father and the situation got to an extent where she disclosed her healthy bank balance.

“You wanted her money and sexual intercourse that’s why you told her that her husband had planted demons in her.

“You wanted her to divorce her husband so that you would continue having a sexual relationship with her you knew so well that you would benefit from her divorce.

“As was disclosed during cross examination, you told your congregants that God had sent you to represent Lucifer and your deeds seal it up.

“You raped a married congregant and told her to go and pray about it and thank God revealing how devious you are, you are Lucifer himself.” said Reza to the mute Magorimbo.

According to the state, the woman joined Magorimbo’s church to seek spiritual deliverance after struggling with marital problems.

Giving evidence in court, she testified that Magorimbo’s wife took her as their own daughter. She then became comfortable with the couple and told them all her marital problems which Magorimbo however, capitalised on for financial gain.

The woman told the court that she used to steal money from her husband giving it to Magorimbo, adding that the pastor was considered to be getting instructions directly from God, meaning no one could challenge him.

She said Magorimbo tricked her into believing that her husband was “Satan” and that every time she became intimate with him, he would put evil spirits into her.

Charges against Magorimbo arose in April last year after he allegedly raped the woman and subsequently solicited the help of his intercessor, one Leeshalow Kambiro, to ask the woman to accept, rejoice and celebrate her “cleansing”.

The complainant alleged that Pastor Magorimbo misrepresented to her that he wanted to drive out evil spirits and after laying hands on her forehead, she then became unconscious and was raped.

It is alleged that Magorimbo repeated the abuse the following day saying she needed a second dose of the anointing, threatening the woman not make the matter public otherwise she risked the wrath of God.

Upon hearing this, the woman decided to report the case to other church members leading to the allegations being escalated to the local police.

Source : New Zimbabwe