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A 17-year-old Chipinge school boy was last week jailed for three months after he was convicted of committing a spate of burglaries in the town.

Elisha Kangaidzo of Plot 41 Bufflesdrift in Chipinge, who is a form three pupil at Samhutsa High school, appeared before Chipinge magistrate Sharon Chipanga.

Kangaidzo pleaded guilty to all the burglary charges.

Public prosecutor Witness Nyamundaya told the court that on December 24, 2014 at around 2200hrs, Kangaidzo used a metal bar to break open the padlock to shop number 4 in Bufflesdrift.

He entered the shop and stole three packets of spaghetti, 2kg flour, 2kg brown sugar, 750ml cooking oil, 4kg chunks, 2x500ml Steri milk bottles, 1kg powdered Cremora milk, a loaf of bread and $26 cash.

Nyamundaya said the total value of the stolen property was $48 and nothing was recovered.

On January 3, this year, at around 2300hrs, Kangaidzo broke into the same shop using the same method and stole 4x500ml sterilised milk, 100 sweets and a Nokia 12i cell phone.

The total value of the stolen property was $35 and nothing was recovered.

On January 6 at around 11pm, Kangaidzo unlawfully gained entry into Checha Bottle Store through a broken window and used a metal bar to open the padlock to the sales room.

He stole a Samsung GT e3210 cell phone, a Nokia battery, 10 Zap nax packs, four packets of sweets and two packets of maputi.

The total value of stolen property was $152 and nothing was recovered.

Asked by the magistrate why he was in the habit of stealing, Kangaidzo responded: “Your Worship I was hungry I wanted food to eat”.

Source : New Zimbabwe