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On Monday the nation will celebrate its melting pot of people and cultures from all over the continent, all of whom make the city, the country, the continent what it is.

Yes, that is Africa Day.

Many teenagers join other Africans in celebrating the continent’s achievements and in recommitting ourselves to continuing to struggle for a better life for all.

A full weekend has been set aside for Africa Day festivities, on 24 and 25 May, focusing on arts and crafts, dance, poetry and music.

There are workshops and an assortment of exhibitions to “literally encompass everyone”.

For Harare which is the capital city, a lot of activities are lined up be it in nursery schools, colleges, schools or churches, the sparks will unite.

In other cities such as Murehwa, Mutare, Chinhoyi, Karoi and Chipinge, a culture showcase is set to take centre stage with a lot of presentation from music, poetry and dance.

Cool Lifestyle, took to the streets to check on how many children understand the Africa Day holiday and what it means to them.

This year marks the 45th Africa Day, which has been observed annually since 1963 on 25 May.

It commemorates the establishment of the African Union (AU), and the former Organisation of African Unity.

Africa Day was initiated as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate Africa’s history, heritage and culture.

We caught up with Craig Munakamwe from Ashmil Nursery School, Belvedere who was so excited about how his pre-school is celebrating the day.

“We were tasked to come wearing African attire, although not my favourite but my mother did the best for me. I am going to represent myself well.

“As for which country I favour most, I love Zimbabwe, my home country which is full of loving parents and nice food,” he said.

While some children said being an African involves a lot of inspiration, culture and lifestyle, Africa Day should be commemorated everyday.

“The peaceful atmosphere that prevails in Zimbabwe makes me feel at home and love my country with passion.

“We are such an accommodating and friendly nation. I am happy that I am such a lucky teenager who has managed to tour the country. I have been to different places and Zimbabwe is beautiful, I tell you,” said Monalisa Rupapa (18).

Rupapa, a Lower Six student at Christ Ministries High School said they are celebrating the day, eating African foods presented by her family.

“The organic and original great taste of local food makes me enjoy the meals more than any other cuisine.

“Africans we are us and let’s embrace ourselves with love as brothers and sisters. We say no to xenophobia,” she said.

Theos Chikohwa of AMFC College said he is proud to be African.

“I was not born in Africa but Africa was born in me, I am proud of my identity and will do everything to safeguard it. I am joining the whole continent in celebrating Africa Day and I say Africa we are a chosen nation, so blessed and full of love. Let’s remain united for united we stand and divided we fall,” he said.

Some students who yesterday visited the Cool Lifestyle desk said Africa Day should be observed with love, peace and harmony.

“Africa Day is one of the most profoundly celebrated and most important in our nation. It is a great joy for one to be declared African as the name already classifies African showing us that we are highly capable of achieving anything,” said Nathan Kanhukamwe and Mitchelle Charandura from Goromonzi High School.

CLS also joins the nation in saying HAPPY AFRICA DAY!

Source : The Herald