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All you need to set talent off are three magic words: Lights, Camera and Action! Organisers said the key words at Chinhoyi University Hotel last week and the country’s next gospel stars hit the stage to show what they are made of.

The show, dubbed “I Can Sing Gospel” saw participants showcasing their singing, and dancing prowess.

Most applause went to the young stars who stole the lime light with their breathtaking performances.

Sisters, Victoria (10) and Faith (8) Mafungindirwa wowed the crowd with their flawless voices as they showed capability way beyond their age.

They sang, “Your Love” by Pastor Gore, sending the crowd into worship mood.

The duo won the hearts of many, including judges, resulting in them getting an automatic ticket to the second round.

Speaking to CLS, the joyful sisters said their singing talent was nurtured in the house of God.

“We started singing in church choral groups and latter decided to sing just the two of us,” Victoria said.

They made it into the top 10 in a category with 30 participants.

Another young gospel musician in the making turned out to be 13-year-old Latifah Sauramba, as she stamped her authority among the day’s elite, making it effortlessly to the final 10 and getting herself a ticket to the grand finale.

Sporting a trendy Mohawk, her presence and energy could be felt from almost a mile away.

“It is one of those days that you will want to cry with joy,” she said, with tears on the brink of coming out.

By singing popular gospel song Ishe Ndivhumbamirei by Mercy Mutsvene, the teen showed she had it in her to be the next big thing in gospel circles. Boys also dominated in the arena.

Nothing could have been better than the boy group First Trumpet.

They raised the crowd from their seats with powerful perfect displays.

Not only did they exhibit vocal skills par excellence, but their flair on musical instruments took the audience into frenzy.

They managed to up the high game of the iconic Vabvuwi as they added some youthful flavour to the several hits from the group like Hatina Musha and Ndimi Ishe.

It was a fusion of drums, rattles (hosho) and trumpets that made their performance way above par.

And the dudes sure know how to dance as proved by their dazzling moves.

Although the whole team is superb, 14-year-old drummer Tanaka Muteka stood out as the main man as he set the pace and tempo of the displays with skill way beyond his age.

The boys say they are in the show to stay and considering the judges’ ratings, they have the ability to make it to the final after they came out top in the first and second round.

Organisers of the show said they will be holding a series of auditions across the country.

“We picked Chinhoyi as our launch pad because we wanted to create a hype outside Harare,” said one of the organisers.

The show will see participants up to 35 years of age perform live a variety of acts including cover editions of popular songs and their own compositions.

Source : The Herald