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Former MDC Renewal Team treasurer-general Elton Steers Mangoma, yesterday denied ever having an extra marital affair with Yemurai Maravanyika, the wife of the opposition party’s provincial youth leader Mr Believe Tevera.

This comes after Mr Tevera approached the Civil Court last week seeking a peace order against Mangoma, whom he is accusing of snatching his wife.

The matter was yesterday postponed to June 15 after Mangoma’s lawyer told the court that he had spoken to Mr Tevera’s lawyer Tawanda Takaindisa, who told him that he was attending another court.

In his notice of opposition, Mangoma is accusing Mr Tevera of making bald allegations of adultery against him.

“I deny that the applicant established that I had an extra marital affair with his alleged wife. It exists in his imagination.

“I never had an extra marital affair with one Yemurai Maravanyika whom he claims to be his wife,” reads part of Mangoma’s notice of opposition.

Mangoma accused Mr Tevera of making false allegations against him to achieve cheap political mileage.

“That is the reason why he wrote what he calls a petition to my political party.

“He is using the allegations as a red herring. It’s unheard of that cuckold would seek political solution to the infidelity of his wife,”

Mangoma said he never shouted at Mr Tevera as alleged.

“He conveniently does not mention that he attacked me and I collapsed against the glass, which injured me. I was rushed to Corporate 24 Hospital to be medically attended to. I was sutured on my head.

“My wounds were dressed and bandaged,” reads the notice.

Mangoma denied instructing anyone to assault Mr Tevera.

Mr Tevera last week approached the Civil Court seeking a peace order against Mangoma, whom he is accusing of snatching his wife.

In his application through his lawyer Mr Takaindisa, Mr Tevera said he was now living in fear of Mangoma after some anonymous people called and threatened him with unspecified action.

“On or around May 9 this year I established that Mr Mangoma was having an extra-marital affair with my wife, (Yemurai Maravanyika,” read the affidavit.

“And, the two had become love-birds hence causing serious marital problems and even affecting the welfare of our innocent one -year-old son as (Mr) Mangoma is having quality time with my wife.

“Aggrieved with loose pants of (Mr) Mangoma and the respect I have for him based on the leadership hierarchy, I then wrote a petition so that an inquiry would be made as to the conduct of (Mr) Mangoma.”

Mr Tevera added that he never knew that his love for democracy would be taken aantage of by Mangoma.

Source : The Herald