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Worst paid president in Southern Africa? … President Robert Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has reportedly claimed that he earns a monthly salary of $4,000, the lowest for any head of state in southern Africa.

Mugabe said his relatively modest pay was in recognition of the hard times the country is currently going through although he partied for US$1 million to celebrate his 90th birthday this year.

In addition, the Mugabe’s also helped finance their daughter Bona’s plush wedding for a reported US$5 million.

According to The Herald, the veteran leader disclosed his salary during an interview with Ghanaian-born British journalist and film-maker Roy Agyemang for a BBC documentary titled “Robert Mugabe @ 90”.

Mugabe said he was earning $4,000, insisting “we should recognise the hard times at the moment”.

This is despite the fact that he owns a $20m mansion in the posh Borrowdale suburb of Harare where his daughter Bona wedded in February.

Highest-paid boss

Mugabe’s salary is also far less than the tens of thousands of dollars earned by bosses at under- performing state-linked enterprises, the report said.

The highest-paid boss at a state-linked enterprise took home $43,693 every month.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, recently revealed that executives in State-linked firms chewed up about $600m in salaries and allowances since 2009, and $133m last year alone.

The money, Moyo said, was pocketed by about 3,000 individuals who sat on boards or were chief executives and senior managers of the country’s 78 parastatals and state enterprises.

Source : New Zimbabwe