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A man yesterday told a Harare Civil Court magistrate that he is unable to pay maintenance for his three children because he is poor and lives in the bush.

Thompson Hwange had been dragged to the civil court by his ex-wife Viginia Chikwake who was claiming $100 a month for the upkeep of their children.

He offered to pay $40 per month for the three children, saying he could not afford any figure above that.

“I am a poor man my Lord, I am currently living in the bush because I have nowhere to get money from,” pleaded Hwange.

“I can only afford to pay $40 per month for the three children.”

Hwange told the court that he would be able to start paying the $40 after three months because he was looking for money to travel to his rural areas to start a market gardening project to help raise the maintenance fees.

“My wife is the one who ran away from our matrimonial home and from that day things have not been well for me,” Hwange said.

Chikwake told magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami that Hwange was neglecting his children.

“He is not contributing anything towards the upkeep of his children, leaving the burden on me,” she said.

Chikwake claimed that she separated with Hwange because he was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing her over petty issues.

“I want the court to grant my maintenance order because I am failing to bring food on the table for all the three children single handedly,” said Chikwake.

Mr Muvhami ordered Hwange to contribute $60 per month.

Source : The Herald