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Forgotten musician Emmanuel Chibi better, known as Uncle Jaunda, has revealed that lack of professionalism the major factor that led to the demise of his career. Jaunda hogged the limelight sometime in 2003 with his song “Deception” (Bhowa) that became an anthem in public places. After the hit, the musician said he got fame but had nothing to show for his popularity.

“I became popular with that song but I never got anything from it and as I speak I have nothing to show from that fame,” he said.

The musician admitted that he lacked professionalism during the days he released his first songs.

“In those days I thought music was done for fun and I could not even get a manager to run my music affairs professionally.”

He said he recently released a single called “Zhara” that he hopes will announce his return in the music industry to reawaken his career.

“I have already sent it to some radio stations and I am sure by this week it will be on radio,” he said.

Jaunda believes that if he gets a manager who is professional his fortunes might be revived.

“I am on the track to revive my musical career since I realise that music needs a professional approach,” said the musician who, since 2005 has been earning a living from running a small shop in Masvingo.

He said it was not easy to get shows in Masvingo as promoters were shunning him.

Recently he shared stage with Sulumani Chimbetu, Slizer, Jacob Moyana, Zoey and a number of local artists at a Charity gala held in Mucheke stadium in Masvingo.

Throughout his performance the musician kept the crowd on their toes dancing to some of his yesteryear hits such as “Deception”, “Zvikiti” and “Gwendo gweGweru”.

He sampled “Zhara” much to the delight of the fans.

Source : The Herald