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Sungura ace Alick Macheso yesterday said a storm brewing in his life following his divorce saga with Tafadzwa Mapako is not peculiar since he is “just human”.

Speaking for the first time since the saga exploded in the media, Macheso said such a misfortune could have happened to anyone else.

“I am just human, dai zvisina kuitika kwandiri zvaizoitika kunani (if it had not happened to me who else could have faced it?) People are there to destroy but one has to be g enough as it is part of life.

“Problems are there but they will soon fade away.

“If a driver is on his work and gets stung by a wasp he should not panic. Panicking can lead to an accident, but if the driver keeps on concentrating the wasp will eventually fly away. I cannot say much but my lawyer knows the truth,” he said when The Herald Entertainment visited his house in Waterfalls.

Asked if the ongoing divorce saga would not affect preparations for his daughter’s wedding that has been set for August 12, Macheso said the family would not be shaken by the developments.

“That will not affect anything, she is my daughter and we are in good books. As you can see, her mother is here and she is very supportive to me in this issue,” said Macheso.

He said some reports that have come out about the divorce were exaggerated.

“I am surprised by some of the claims being made because of intentional exaggeration. Anyway, it is your job as journalists because that is what brings food on your table. I cannot say much because my lawyers are handling the matter,” he said.

Our sister paper H-Metro reports that the two parties held the discussions on Wednesday to terminate the marriage that hit the rocks in November last year.

Macheso is said to have offered US$350 per month for rentals which effectively means Tafadzwa has to move out of her current lodgings in low density-suburb of Mainway Meadows to the ghetto where rentals are that low.

Tafadzwa’s weekly allowances are said to have been reduced to around US$200 from the usual US$600-US$700 during their happier times.

According to reports, the children will remain with their mother Tafadzwa pending paternity tests.

Macheso reportedly wanted to have permission to recover all his clothes that are at the Mainway Meadows house while Tafadzwa will retain all the property that they acquired over the last four years. However, juicy details of the marriage breakdown emerged as there were claims that Macheso has a “weird” way of treating “nhova”, which was not acceptable to Tafadzwa as it amounted to sexually abusing the kids.

More juicer was that Tafadzwa reportedly told Macheso point blank that one of the problems during their marriage was his “small manhood”.

Macheso insists on speedy paternity tests since he is reportedly convinced that Tafadzwa sought sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Source : The Herald