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OUTSPOKEN Zanu PF politician and cabinet minister Didymus Mutasa has showered praise on self-styled war veterans’ leader Joseph Chinotimba for leading the February 2000 farm invasions, which destroyed the country’s mainstay agricultural sector.

Speaking Friday during a national field day organised by Pioneer Seeds in Nyanga South, the Zanu PF secretary for administration also berated sections of the local media for continuously casting him in bad light and demonising President Robert Mugabe.

“Land reform did not come on a silver platter,” Mutasa said.

“Joseph Chinotimba was brave enough to move around telling white commercial farmers in no uncertain terms that they should go back to their countries of origin such as United Kingdom, Germany and Italy to own land and pave way for locals.”

Chinotimba, now Zanu PF MP for Buhera South, rallied hordes of former freedom fighters into the farms, demanding back land seized a century ago by white settlers.

The violent farm seizures, dubbed the Third Chimurenga Mugabe’s revolutionary party, received a seal of approval by Mugabe’s regime.

Mugabe and his party were still shocked by the embarrassing rejection of the 2000 Constitutional referendum, which was sponsored by government.

The ‘NO’ vote was gly backed by the country’s white farming community and an emerging opposition, something Mugabe and his party found to be a sign of a looming poll defeat the same year.

Turning to himself, Mutasa, who is also Presidential Affairs Minister, was up in arms with what he felt had been unrelentingly bad publicity about himself by the country’s media.

“I am speaking as Didymus Mutasa whom I know myself not the one you read in the newspapers,” Mutasa said. “The newspapers always write bad things about me and things that I never say.”

Mutasa also directed his venom at the country’s private media for their alleged fixation with his boss, insisting they were being funded by the hostile west to create a demon out of the long serving leader.

“They are being funded by western countries to peddle lies about President Mugabe and Zanu PF but they should know that we are angered when they insult our leader, President Mugabe.

“They want people to believe that what comes out in UK media is the truth. More so, they write their stories from abroad.”

The controversial Zanu PF politician did not spare his party’s opponents either for alleged peddling of lies about the Zanu PF leadership.

“If the MDC wants to be leaders they should come out straight without peddling lies. We are not leaders of corruption but we are straight forward leaders who fought for this country and gave you land,” Mutasa said.

Pioneer Seeds, which offered Mutasa time to talk, was honouring small scale farmers from across the country who fared well in their National Small scale farmers farming competition which was funded to a tune of over $250,000.

Source : New Zimbabwe