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A man last Thursday told a Harare magistrate that his wife claimed to be a Satanist and threatened to kill him so that she can drink his blood.

Robert Mhlanga claimed his wife Barbra Tazvida tried to bite his private parts during a misunderstanding.

This was revealed at the Harare Civil Courts where Tazvida was seeking a protection order against Mhlanga.

Tazvida’s lawyer, Miss Nunudzai Masunda of Scanlen and Holderness, said her client was being constantly battered by the applicant.

“Your Worship, the applicant is being abused by the respondent who is in the habit of going to her home where he verbally and physically abuses her,” she said.

Miss Masunda added that the applicant did not want the respondent to come to her home but he defies her and keeps coming by force to abuse her.

“The applicant suffered an injured finger after she was bitten by the respondent.

“The respondent wants to control the applicant in every aspect of her life and the applicant is against that,” she said.

Mhlanga refuted the allegations, saying his wife was the one who physically and verbally abused him.

“She is the one who is abusing me. She told me that she will kill me and drink my blood.

“Our relationship started to deteriorate when she began making a lot of money and she doesn’t want to tell me where she gets the money from,” she said.

Mhlanga said he only goes to his wife’s house by invitation not by force.

“I don’t go to her house by force but she is the one who invites me through text messages,” he said. He claimed that he bit his wife’s finger while trying to rescue himself after she had pulled his private parts as she tried to bite them.

“She turns a deaf ear on me and she is now wearing miniskirts. Whoever tries to reprimand her becomes her enemy,” he said.

Mhlanga said he once tried to engage his pastor to counsel them but his wife refused.

Magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi deferred the matter to today for judgment. She ordered Mhlanga to bring a printout of the text messages.

Source : The Herald