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A Harare man on Thursday said he was finding it difficult to maintain his child since he was surviving on social soccer where he realises $20 per month.

Size Nyamundaya told the Harare Civil Court that he was willing to forward all his earnings for the upkeep of his child.

Nyamundaya was dragged to the court by his ex-wife Matty Tinashe who was claiming $150 per month for the upkeep of their minor child.

“I am currently surviving on social football where I get $5 after every winning game,” he said.

Nyamundaya told magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira that life was difficult for him since he was unemployed.

Tinashe had submitted that Nyamundaya was employed at a truck company where he was earning $300 per month.

“Considering his salary, I think he is capable of paying the $150 per month for the upkeep of his child whom he is neglecting,” she said.

Tinashe told the court that Nyamundaya was not contributing anything towards the upkeep of their child, leaving the burden on her. Ms Kamangira ordered Nyamundaya to pay $50 per month.

Source : The Herald