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Almasi Collaborative Arts will this Saturday present a stage reading of the play “In the Blood” at the Zimbabwe-Germany Society. The staged reading will be directed by Elizabeth “Zaza” Muchemwa a theatre writer, director and poet. The organisation’s spokesperson, Tawanda Mupatsi, said the production is part of a series of staged readings by numerous international playwrights that Almasi has set aside this year to cater for Zimbabwean arts followers craving for an alternative art form.

“As part of Almasi’s commitment to build local audiences and expose them to great works of dramatic literature we are going to have a number of these stage reading plays throughout the year,” he said.

He said the play chronicles the life of Hester, a mother living in poverty and struggling to raise her five mischievous and foul-mouthed children.

“Amidst Hester’s misfortunes, the essence of life seems to grow dimmer and dimmer as all avenues of hope and aid seems to close even from the least expected people.

“Hester is caught between a rough world where on one end she is labelled a morally impure woman for granting sexual favours in exchange for a few dollars for self-sustenance and on one end she comes face to face with the ugly head of hypocrisy when Reverend D, one of her children’s fathers refuses to support her in such trying times,” he said.

A tragic twist is added to the play when Hester kills her son for calling her a prostitute and she finds herself behind bars.

The production questions the depth of human morality when brought in tough places.

It also unravels the reality of how a series of life circumstances that each being is exposed to on a daily basis are powerful to transform a personality either for good or for bad.

The staged reading features a blend of new and experienced actors who include Previllage Mutendera, Stella January, Francis Nyakuhwa, Musa Saruro, Thandiwe Nyamasvisva and Brighton Ndlovu.

Source : The Herald