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CLASHES between Marondera councilors and the management are affecting service delivery in the town, a report by a commission of inquiry set up by local government minister, Ignatious Chombo has noted.

Early this year, Chombo set up a commission of inquiry to look into issues raised by councilors after they passed a vote of no confidence in Marondera mayor, Anthony Makwindi.

In its report, the commission noted that the councilors were dismayed in that Makwindi was not taking any action on the managers who were in the habit of disregarding resolutions passed during full council meetings.

“There is a challenge of changing and alteration of council resolutions by the management. The councilors are baffled and surprised by some resolutions which do not reflect what was agreed in the full council meetings,” the report noted.

The report said employees in key council departments such as the finance, audit, housing and engineering were siding with certain councilors resulting in deliberate bungling of service delivery and leaking of confidential council information.

“There are poor working relationships between the council departments resulting in slow speed in the implementation of council resolutions by the management,” the report notes.

However, the report also noted that managers disliked the manner and frequency with which the council was issuing threats and ultimatums including in situations where they were expected to carry out unprofessional duties.

Managers said councilors wanted them to divert funds from fees paid for the Timberland Housing Development to pay the councilors’ sitting allowances.

Junior workers were also implicated in cases of indiscipline with one employee reported to have stormed into the town clerk’s office and threatened Josiah Musuwo that he would be dismissed from his position if he did not follow orders.

The commission recommended that the council management should implement resolutions passed on time.

Last December, the councilors passed a vote of no confidence against Makwindi citing various allegations against him.

Among the allegations were that he was working with the then Zanu PF Mashonaland East chairperson and Marondera Central MP, Ray Kaukonde to prop up former Vice President, Joice Mujuru to replace President Robert Mugabe.

However, the vote of no confidence against the mayor was dismissed by Chombo who then appointed the commission of inquiry to look into the allegations.

Source : New Zimbabwe