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A play titled “Inside My House” will be staged at NicozDiamond Theatre in Harare on Saturday. The play, which revolves on conflicts in marriages, will feature actress Musa Sibanda and actor Gift Chakuvinga. It was written by Rudo Mutangadura and directed by Nelson Ma- pako.

“Inside My House” is a story of Delphine (Sibanda), a young woman who had received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to London as the lead actress in a musical but had to quit because Jonathan (Chakuvinga) impregnates her.

She is now stuck in a dead-end marriage and has to sell to sell Ds in the streets to take care of Jonathan, her wannabe musician husband who does nothing but sit at home and “write songs” all day.

Jonathan’s incessant demands for money from Delphine and her constant demands for better living conditions cause this couple to clash repeatedly.

Shocking character revelations about these two are made as the problems of their marriage weigh down on them.

Produced by Savanna Trust, the play seeks to address issues surrounding unwanted pregnancies, career choices and domestic disputes.

An official from Savanna Trust said the two characters in the play portray various issues explored in the play in an exciting way.

“The characters portray the themes in a good way. We are happy that the actors are doing well in rehearsals and this will be an exciting play. We want people to come and see how these two characters respond to various situations in their marriage. There are many people that find themselves in similar situations in real life,” said the official.

Source : The Herald