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The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has introduced community stabilisation intervention programmes in high migrant areas of Beitbridge district to address push factors in irregular migration, an official has said.

IOM chief of mission to Zimbabwe Mr Martin Ocaga yesterday said the programme had been necessitated by an increase in cases of irregular migration within the district.

He said they would employ an inclusive participatory process known as community based planning, CBP, as an entry point for facilitating the transition of high migrant communities towards community stabilisation and social cohesion.

Mr Ocaga added that the Beitbridge project would be supported with block grants, which among others would enhance community livelihood sources, education, health and development outcomes.

“The Beitbridge CBP programme will be piloted in Ward 2 (Dite) and in this regard, everyone in the said ward will participate in the process of developing a ward level development plan which outlines the communities’ development priorities, implementation strategies and review and monitoring mechanisms.

“The ward plan will detail out the development priorities whose implementation will be supported by a community grant.

“Based on the experiences from other districts where similar processes have been undertaken the local planning processes have been replicated in many other wards, benefiting the concerned districts,” he said.

Mr Ocaga said they were in the midst of mobilising more resources for the Beitbridge project.

He added that the organisation would continue to support the Government in addressing migration issues at national levels.

Source : The Herald