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When Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo performed in Musina, South Africa, last Sunday he was obviously expecting people to cross the border from Zimbabwe for the show.

The plan did not work and the show flopped. It seemed people were not moved by the fact that Mukanya, who has not performed in Zimbabwe for about a decade was coming closer home.

People have been asking why Mukanya does not come back home. They expect the musician to stage a grand homecoming show in the country. They have been waiting for many years and there have been numerous promises that “Gandanga”, as the musician is affectionately known, would stage a show in the country.

The promises were empty and people are still waiting. Mukanya told The Herald Entertainment that he is definitely coming in September. Still, his fans are skeptical about the promises because of the previous incidents. Will Mukanya really come home this year? Why does he seem afraid of returning home to the extent of failing to attend his mother’s funeral?

The general belief among his fans is that the musician committed a crime and knows that he would be arrested when he returns home.

When I talked to the musician in Musina, he ruled out the crime theory and said he is just busy and has not found the time, over the past 10 years, to perform in Zimbabwe.

He also said he was occupied and failed to attend his mother’s funeral. The explanation is not convincing.

If he can come to South Africa and Botswana, why does he not come home?

Even his relatives had to travel to South Africa to meet him. The musician says he will come to see his mother’s grave in September when he returns for the promised tour.

He insists there is nothing beyond the busy schedule that is stopping him from coming home yet he says he is having discussions with “some senior people” in the country to map his return. The “senior people” are not music promoters. In fact, Mukanya’s company released a statement saying they would not engage any promoter for the September tour. So, why is Mukanya engaging the so called senior people for him to return home? But, the musician returned home in 2003 and went back early 2004 freely. Something is not clear.

The musician says he misses home. “I am a Zimbabwean and I am proud of it. Even if some people in foreign countries view my country negatively, I tell them that I love my country and I will forever be proud of it. Nowhere is better than home. I will come home for good in the foreseeable future,” he said.

Here is a proud Zimbabwean who misses home and lost his mother but could not attend the funeral. He misses his fans and would like to stage a good show for them yet he has been evasive about his return for 10 years.

It is, however interesting that the musician is no longer that vicious in his language and comments about home. His approach and statements personify someone who is seeking dialogue. His diction approximates the language of a peace-seeker. Of course, some traits of his no-nonsense character are still evident but he seems very careful not to ruffle feathers.

The Musina show failed to attract its target audience but it is a fact that when Mukanya returns home his first show would be historic.

Maybe he will fulfill his promise this year. We will wait for September.

Source : The Herald