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That Rockford “Roki” Josphat is a talented artiste is unquestionable but, after his lacklustre performance at South African group, Uhuru’s concert held at Belgravia Sports Club last weekend, many are beginning to see him as a spent force.

Sadder still, if one thinks of Roki as an artiste who once scooped the 2003 Nama for Best Urban Grooves Artiste the Zima Song of the Year award with “Chidzoka” and capped it all with Zima Best Video of the Year – again with “Chidzoka” you would feel pity for him. He was a pale shadow of his former self.

Back in the day, when he was still known as “Rocqui” and not “Roki”,

I mean during his formative years, you could see a young, vibrant and energetic artiste whose driving force was nothing more than his hunger for success.

Ever since Roki changed his image from that well kempt hair to weird Super Mario-like look, he has never been the same again.

So at Belgravia Sports Club, PeeKay had the honours of introducing Roki on stage.

Many of his fans had expected to see a thrilling act but hey, what came out of that five or so minute piece was simply junk.

It wasn’t clear whether or not Roki was supposed to be on that same bill as MMT, BaShupi, PeeKay, Simba Tagz and DJ Naida, but somehow he found his way to the stage at the show.

Dressed in a black leather waist coat with a matching pair of leather trousers, Roki looked wasted and consequently he put up a disappointing act. Oddly enough, he performed one of his upcoming songs which has a rhumba beat but he could not dance to it.

Judging from the performance, it would take him a while before he produces another hit like “Chidzoka”.

Perhaps, he has been chasing too many things at one go and unless he brings his mind together he might not be able to make a mark in the industry again.

Source : The Herald